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The management consulting team that helps Western Canadian-based organizations improve their business performance and operational results.

Now is good. Deliver with Solve Consulting.


We have over fifteen years experience in supporting clients transform their processes across a range of industries and believe organizations often fail to sustain and grow process improvement initiatives because they get caught in the nuts and bolts of analysis, SIPOCs, and myriad other tools. These are crucial components, but the work will not be sustained without a broader approach to business process improvement. We work hand-in-hand with clients, from shop floor to boardroom, to ensure that their process improvement initiatives not only deliver immediate results, but grow to become integral parts of their operations.


We structure our engagements to ensure client teams are involved throughout the project to build the skills and capabilities required to sustain the changes.

Process Improvement

Process inefficiencies come in many forms and aren’t always easy to diagnose, especially when staff are heavily involved in the day-to-day process.


At Solve Consulting, we help you take a necessary step back, support you to look critically at your processes and identify improvements, and enable your staff to develop a culture of continuous improvement. Most consulting companies will awe you with myriad Lean Six Sigma tools and frameworks, along with complex statistical analysis. We believe this is important, especially in getting to the root cause of pain points, but most companies fall short on implementation and sustainment because staff aren't brought along on the process transformation journey.

Change Management 

Change Management from our perspective is not a “one size fits all” model. At Solve Consulting, we take a holistic approach to Change Management to help facilitate the effectiveness of the change and as a result, we seek to ensure the alignment of strategy, culture and leadership.


We believe that change management strategies and tactics need to be tailored to fit the organization that we are working with. We do this to help ensure that new behaviours are embedded and that the organization is able to sustain the changes on an ongoing basis.

Project Execution

The successful execution of projects continues to be a risky proposition for many organizations. The ability to recognize rapidly-changing business conditions, and respond with robust but flexible project infrastructure and resources is not easy.


At Solve Consulting, we will help you in securing successful execution of your projects through project management, project rescue, risk management, PMO set-up, and through managing dependencies across complex, over-lapping initiatives.

Our Leadership Team

We are known for our passion for results, coupling simple and pragmatic solutions with an objective approach to delivery.

Solve Consulting was founded by a group of principals with deep advisory expertise. We've all worked within the Big 4 consultancies, as well as with a number of boutique consulting companies. We've brought together the best of both worlds to build a company focused on providing unparalleled value for money to clients while also attracting some of the best talent in the market.

Contact Us

We can be reached via regular mail, email, or through our enquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you.


Solve Consulting Inc.

P.O. Box 22152 Bankers Hall

Calgary, AB T2P 4J5

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